Local trainee projects

Great projects from around the region independent of MAGIQ

Local trainee, Ed Benison, recently won first prize at the leadership and management in health conference in Manchester. Well done! His prize winning work details the use of QR codes to lower the barriers to obtaining electronic feedback from trainees.

See the poster here and Ed's how-to guide here.

QI resources

Useful / interesting articles

Information technology

    • Google sites - free website development platform. Good integration with google docs.

    • Google forms - free online form builder. Flexible. Foundation for all MAGIQ Bring Your Own Device data collection.

    • Google sheets - free online spreadsheets. Integrates with Google forms. Allows add-ons.

    • Dropbox - free document store for the group.

    • whatsapp - mobile discussion platform. Enables group communication and organisation.

    • formMule - free google add-on. Acts as email exchange. We configure the add-on to send alerts on google form submissions.

    • - email to SMS portal. Allows email alerts from formMule to be delivered as text messages. 1.8p/SMS.

    • godaddy - domain name services.

    • GIMP - free GNU image manipulation. Used for website and promotional graphics.

    • Inkscape - free GNU vector graphics editor. Used for logos and website design.

    • Piktochart - online infographics creation tool. Free and paid-for services available.

    • lessmeeting - meeting minutes taking app for ipad.