Big thanks to all the delegates who attended the first Mersey Unconference for Quality Improvement!

Read the delegate feedback or click the montage to find out how we got along.

Main Action Points from the day:

    1. Formation of a curated list of QI interested individuals - coming to the website soon!

    2. A region wide facebook group for Mersey Qi

    3. A plenary / reverse Dragon's Den for trainees to showcase their efforts

A one day mini-conference bringing together cross-specialty trainees, and other NHS staff, for lectures, open floor discussions, and networking in order to improve patient care .


  1. Encourage empowerment of trainees to engage in QI initiatives, increase ownership of the care systems that they may be part of, and inspire potential strategies for improvement.

  2. Increase cross-specialty relationships and partnerships for future QI projects.

What's an un-conference?

An unconference is a participant driven meeting that draws on the expertise, knowledge, and ideas of those attending. The agenda is set by the participants in response to an overarching ‘burning question’. Agenda items become multiple, parallel, mini-discussion forums led by the participants themselves. Rather than the passive, unidirectional flow of a conventional conference, an unconference emphasises self-organisation, interaction and peer to peer learning. This produces a platform for divergent thinking, networking, and engagement with the topic.